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Welcome to WondaBox
Does your child bring her tiffin back home?

2/3/4 course meal, prepared fresh every day, nourishing and delicious, for a balanced growth of your school going child.

Corporate lunch box
Welcome to the world of health & nutrition

A great deal of satisfaction to be gained from making something well, of such superior quality that you know it is going to stand the test of time.

School lunch box
Do you junk for lunch? ... or feed from the dubbawallah?

We deliver 4/5 course meals; diet perfect for the busy you. Culinary delight offered with approval of our very own dietician.

Wondabox Celebration
Wanna make your party a wholesome delight?

Events, parties, conferences, get-togethers can be so much of `a fun with creative recipes, wholesome food, tasteful and customised just for you.


Makes you wonder what’s in the box

Magic composed of Health and happiness! It's something that touches your heart, through your stomach. As intriguing as it may sound, we have attempted the marriage of health and happiness in the realm of food, but without any compromises on either part.

WondaBOX will be serving you the most significant meal of day, i.e. the lunch/tiffin; the one meal that working adults and students consume outside their homes. It either has to be prepared and carried to school or work or has to be purchased from outside. The earlier option is often rushed and chaotic, the second option often ends up compromising on health and hygiene.

WondaBOX takes away all such pains and serves you with food which is prepared keeping your health and taste buds in mind.

Break the monotony of your office or the boredom of your classroom with your box of wonder which serves you delicious yet healthy, nourishing yet interesting lunch options every day.

Vishal Dutt, our Co-Founder, along with an esteemed panel of nutritionists, mentors and advisors, plan ahead for every week, to make the best food. We mix the best quality products with an expert eye and then let our ‘Grand Masters’ behind the ovens do the rest.

We desire to make a revolution in how we categorize food into either healthy or tasty. Our dream is to present a platter to our patrons in a way that they utter these two words in the same breath. We have started our journey from the city which eats, breathes and sleeps food, that is Kolkata. We are inspired to work hard and our obsession over each and every detail is aimed at bringing a smile on your face. That’s our reward!

Trust us and let’s together make a difference in our lives!

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   * Minimum subscription of 10 meals required


  * Minimum subscription of 10 meals required


  * Minimum subscription of 10 meals required


  * Minimum order of 15 Boxes required


We love you too!

  • It's not easy to catch a child's wonder, especially a child from GenerationZ. But WondaBOX has been doing a great job these last few months with their hygienic, nutritious and tasty tiffin service for our kids. As a working mom it is a blessing for me as it means one small thing off my plate in the sea of things that I have to manage before leaving for office everyday. A hearty thanks to the chefs and coordinators for their service every day. If there was one small thing that I could ask of you, it would be if a few combo-options can be made available as kids are often choosy when it comes to food and options can be a great saviour!

    - Srinwanti Sarkar, Parent of Sri Sri Academy Student.

  • With today’s fast pace, good food seems to be a rare treat. WondaBOX -you go an extra mile and have thus exceeded your client expectations. Thanks for the fresh and nutrient rich lunch in office which gives me the stamina to finish the day strong. Thanks to your whole Team. I will definitely recommend you guys for anyone looking for original and authentic food.

    - Reena Bajaj, Banker, Kotak Mahindra Bank

  • Wondabox as the name truly suggests is indeed a box of happiness delivered to you in the form of sumptuous and healthy food.

    I have subscribed to Wondabox and have been getting lunch daily at work on time. They have definitely broken the mundane 'typical' lunch menu and introduced refreshing delicasies..Nasi goreng, lime infused chicken, jeera rice, dhania chicken to name a few. Wondabox also takes care of your sweet cravings by adding kheer, custard or their in-house baked brownies.

    The food is packed in microwave proof trays which are hygenic and ensures food doesnt spill over even if you are carrying the meal on the go. A must try for the busy bees in the corporate world to keep them healthy and going!

    - Diya Mazumder, Private Banker

  • The food was great, quantity was bit too much. Sharing is caring, however, when the food is this tasty, sharing is tough!

    - Aditya Vikram Kapoor, Co-founder, CoKarya

  • Excellent taste, very sumptious, especially alloo-posto and dal. It is difficult to cook tasty veg dishes. Maintain this quality and you'll not have to spend on publicity.

    - Debojit Kolay



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Vishal Dutt

Chief Operations Officer
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Dt. Chaitali Bose

Consultant Dietitian
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Chef Bijay Halder

Head Chef
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